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Press Releases

October 11, 2018
Primary Opponents Endorse John Hirokawa for Sheriff
Unify behind new leadership

Santa Clara County, CA – Today, primary challengers in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s election, Martin Monica and Jose Salcido announce that they are endorsing John Hirokawa for Sheriff. Read more….

October 8, 2018
Shannon Tyree Endorses John Hirokawa for Sheriff 
Believes he is candidate that Can Bring Changes to Jails

Santa Clara County, CA – Today, Shannon Tyree, sister of murdered jail inmate Michael Tyree is endorsing John Hirokawa for Santa Clara County Sheriff. In August 2015 when Michael Tyree was murdered, John worked hand in hand with the reform advocates and blue-ribbon commission to confront the issues going on in the jails. 
Read more….

September 24, 2018
Female Leaders Endorse John Hirokawa for Sheriff 
Support his leadership as an ally for Women 

San Jose, CA – On Saturday September 22, 2018 female supporters spoke up to endorse John Hirokawa for Santa Clara County Sheriff. They recognize the need for real reform in our jails and sheriff’s office and that John Hirokawa is a strong ally on women’s issues. Being a strong ally for women is key as the incumbent continues to face questions about her own role in sexual harassment issues within the department. Read more….

July 10, 2018
Addressing Hate Crimes and Discrimination

SAN JOSE, CA — ​Former Undersheriff and Candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff John Hirokawa released the following statement addressing hate crimes and discrimination:

“In light of recent discussions, I wanted to share why I am committed to addressing hate crimes and discrimination both
inside and outside of law enforcement….my family’s values were shaped by their experiences being placed in internment camps during World War II due to their Japanese heritage. I didn’t grow up privileged and I watched my parents and their families struggle to
regain and rebuild after losing everything as a result. However, the one lesson that my parents taught me is to be tolerant and accepting of everyone regardless of any demographics or qualities that they a person identifies.

Discrimination and hate only serve to hurt others, and there have been a number of occasions throughout my life that I have been subjected to racism. My family knows all too well the indignity, pain and loss suffered by words and deeds of intolerance. Therefore, I find it an insult to everything that I stand for that the current Sheriff has chosen to use the recent texting scandal as a moment in time to further her own political agenda, and do it in a way that is shameful and misleads the public.” Read more….

July 5, 2018
Response to Racist Texts
SAN JOSE, CA — ​Former Undersheriff and Candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff John Hirokawa released the following statement addressing the discussion over the last several weeks surrounding Don Morrissey and the racist texts sent by other employees:

“First, it is vitally important to note that I do not condone any form of hateful speech in law enforcement, and there is no place for it. ​I have made this position clear in past statements​. My concern from the beginning was that if there was any misstep by the Sheriff’s Office and by not following the law, that the texters would NOT have been held accountable.

Second, I had no part in the decision process around disciplining Morrissey for the texting incidents or any of the other employees who were terminated due to their involvement. This has been confirmed by recent arbitration documents that became public record in June 2018, and the documents clearly outline how current leadership in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office made the recommendation to demote and not terminate Morrissey for the texting scandal. Read more….