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Santa Clara County Sheriff: Political favors for support?
January 7 , 2017
“With the election next week, Sheriff Laurie Smith’s [Primary] opponents are raising questions about how she sought endorsements. Two of those opponents allege Smith improperly tried to hand out political favors in exchange for their support.” Read more…..

Why Laurie Smith should be replaced as sheriff in 2018
San Jose Mercury News
January 7 , 2017
“Hampered by inadequate training, undermined by fitful discipline, riven by internal dissent, the sheriff’s department has lurched from one embarrassment to another. The buck must stop with Smith, now in her fifth four-year term.” Read more….

Santa Clara Co. Sheriff deputies allege spike in workplace injuries
October 31, 2018
“400 patrol deputies, filed a complaint with Cal-OSHA. It alleges workplace injuries have spiked since 2016 costing the county more than five million dollars annually.” Read more….

Deputy files complaint alleging Sheriff’s Office didn’t accommodate her pregnancy
San Jose Mercury News
October 12, 2018
“A female deputy has filed a complaint alleging that the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office didn’t properly accommodate her pregnancy this past year, saying her reassignment for light duty quadrupled her commute time and put her at medical risk.” Read more….

Opinion: Oversight, reform of Santa Clara County sheriff’s office are past due
San Jose Mercury News
September 26, 2018
“I ask that you hold the sheriff’s office to the highest level of accountability and vote for new leadership that will ensure that real reforms and change in our jail operations happen. When I am elected your sheriff on Nov. 6, I will ensure that the honorable women and men who put on their uniforms each day to serve in our jails and on our streets have the tools and appropriate oversight to enable them to do the best that they can for all of us.” Read more….

Candidates debate in Santa Clara Co. Sheriff’s race
September 12, 2018
“Hirokawa is a retired Department of Corrections Chief with 37 years of law enforcement experience. Smith has been sheriff since 1998 and is seeking her sixth term..” Read more…

Smith and Hirokawa to face-off in sheriff’s race in November
Palo Alto Weekly
June 5, 2018
“The fact that Smith has received less than half of the votes suggests that the majority of the voters would like to see a new sheriff” Read more….

Hirokawa for sheriff
Palo Alto Weekly – May 25, 2018
“After Laurie Smith’s 20 years as sheriff, a strong challenge is overdue” Read more…

Tale of the Tape
San Jose Mercury News
April 1, 2018
“In 1992, Laurie Smith took evidence in an investigation implicating her. Now, the key figures in a sexual harassment allegation against the five-term sheriff are finally speaking out” Read more….